How To Make The Most Out Of The Yoast SEO Plugin

yoast-iconAll bloggers are aware of the importance of SEO. They know search engines can bring them an endless flow of traffic, so they all want to have their pages optimized. However, very few of them know the basic rules of SEO, and even fewer apply them in their writing. This is why most bloggers get most of their traffic from social media or various referrals, organic searches bringing them very few visitors.

what is yoast, the Yoast SEO plugin can help even clueless bloggers optimize their pages around their most relevant keywords. The plugin is very easy to use, as it displays green, yellow and red dots for all on-page optimization elements. All the blogger has to do is pick a keyword and enter it in the special box underneath the post editing window. All other parts are going to receive ratings, so the blogger can go ahead and tweak each of them until all scores become green. This means the best optimization level has been reached, and the post is ready to be rewarded by search engines with top rankings for its main keyword.

You can make the most out of this excellent plugin by reading its documentation very carefully. You’ll see you can integrate your Google Analytics code and your Google Webmaster Tools ID so that you can see various stats directly from your WordPress dashboard. Some may think this feature isn’t too useful, as they are used to watch their stats anyway. However, beginners are going to be thrilled, as they are going to have an overview of their evolution at any given time, without having to remember which pages they need to access to see their stats.

The other way you can use the Yoast plugin to the full is by learning how to do keyword research. You can have the best possible content and a perfect on-page optimization, and still see very few to no visitors to your post, if your keyword has a very low search volume. The role of keyword research is to enable you to find those terms that get a relatively high volume of searches every month while having only moderate or low competition levels. This is the best combination that can offer you good chances to rank and decent levels of traffic. If you choose too competitive keywords, you may never manage to rank well enough to see a difference. On the contrary, a very easy keyword is easy to conquer, but you won’t enjoy any benefits, as there are very few people searching for it.

Keyword research is the art you have to acquire. The Yoast plugin is a powerful tool, but only if it is used to optimize your posts around keywords that are relatively easy to rank for, keywords that can secure an excellent level of incoming traffic. The better you are, the more useful Yoast is going to be for you. It is the perfect resource for bloggers who take their role seriously.