What You Need To Know About Submission To Directories

DirectoriesOne SEO tactic that has been very popular in the past is the submission of a website to a wide range of directories. For local small businesses, this would often mean going to dozens and dozens of business directories for a link while more comprehensive websites would look elsewhere for public listings.

While this has been a popular strategy in the past, it can still be useful in the present when done properly. That last point is the most important. Mass submission software once worked well, but it is no longer a good idea.

The first step is to understand the three most important type of directories out there that accept submissions in return for a listing and a backlink.

General Directories
General directories are often called listing directories. These are common for small businesses and will contain basic contact information as well as some basic information about the website including a link to the URL.

Examples of general directories include Yelp, Google Map Listings, Google Business Listings, Yellow Pages Online, or for more general websites the famous DMOZ.org.

Article Directories
Article directories are a little bit different. In this case, it’s not just a simple listing but a person needs to write an article that fits the submission guidelines put forward by the directory owner or terms. In exchange for the unique content, the author often gets to include one or two links in his or her bio at the end pointing back to their website.

This is often a part of content marketing, although it was much more popular in the past than it is now. Two examples of this would be InfoBarrel or Ezinearticles.

Specialized Directories
Finally, there are specialized directories, which are probably the most effective for SEO purposes in today’s current online environment. These will be well kept, slowly watched directories that look for websites with a very specific common trait such as only outside websites or only Midwestern business websites.

These are often the best links for directory submission because they create relevance, are edited, and thus allowed to pass on more juice to the websites listed there.