What Are Social Bookmarking Submissions? Here Is What You Should Know

social media bookmarkingSocial bookmarking is nothing more than content curation at work. Users of social bookmarking sites like Bibsonomy, Blinklist, and others post a link to their favorite content to the social bookmarking site, adding a few words here and there as a preview of the content that lays ahead.

It’s a simple concept that has its roots in the past act of bookmarking your favorite websites on your browser (think CTRL-D). Over the years though it has taken on a social aspect and other users can share your bookmarks, like it, or even comment on it.

For people who are into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social bookmarking isn’t just about making the content of a website available to a wider audience, it’s also about improving the content’s search engine ranking, or at the very least, force Google’s search engine robots to crawl the website.

Does social bookmarking improve your website ranking on Google? Not really in so far as taking your website from zero to page one. It will take a set of powerful PBN backlinks to make that kind of jump in the search engine results. However, if you have new content, the best way to get it indexed is to share it on social media sites like Facebook and yes, on social bookmarking sites. When you share your content on these websites, the content gets a link that search engine bots follow.

If you want to use social bookmarking to give you a boost in the rankings, share your content to as many websites as possible. Make those social bookmarking links more powerful by sharing the URL of the bookmarks on other social bookmarking or social media sites, which is a process known in the SEO industry as social media stacking.