moz-logo-blue-fontSEO is both skill and art. Search engine algorithms are secret, so digital marketers professionals can only test various actions and optimization techniques, and see what works. This industry doesn’t have precise guides one can study, and then become an expert by applying them into real life. In SEO, you have to improve yourself continuously. You need always to be up to date with the latest upgrades and algorithm changes so that you can implement them in your practice. You have to observe the effect of various actions and adjustments on the rankings. You need to track hundreds or even thousands of keywords, as this is the only method to analyze whether you are getting results or not. Also, you have to read the websites and blogs of the most reputable SEO experts. Seomoz is one of these websites you have to bookmark and read carefully. The Seomoz site is the result of hard work and passion; a resource many  beginners are thankful for.

Apart from the useful information, news and industry insights, this website offers a collection of SEO tools that can help online marketing professionals do their job better. Some of these tools are free of charge, so you can use them even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in tools. Some other tools can be accessed by paying a recurring membership fee. They enable  agencies and freelancers become better at their job. By using them, you can keep track of all your projects, do keyword research at expert level, and analyze your competitors like a pro. These tools are very useful in all stages of  projects. In the beginning, you can use them to perform your keyword research and your competitive analysis. These activities are critical, as if you don’t get them right, you are never going to be successful. A too competitive keyword may be impossible to rank for within a reasonable time frame. A low volume keyword is going to bring you little return on investment, as it won’t have the needed levels of traffic to make it worth the pain. The right balance is very hard to find. This is why some projects are extremely successful, while others are doomed to fail right off the bat.

Anyway, SEO professionals need tools like to automate and ease an important part of their work. They could check their rankings manually every few days, but when they need to do it for hundreds of terms, it’s foolish not to try to find a tool to do this automatically. Most information provided by such devices is available for free, but it requires a good knowledge of all resources, as well as an enormous amount of time. If you want to be effective, you have to research and try all available  tools, and then pick the ones that promise to help you the most, be it you get them from Seomoz or from elsewhere.