html5-tagsSEO or search engine optimization is the foundation for success for any business. More and more people are starting to discover that the basics of SEO can be implemented on their own without hiring the help of an expensive SEO firm. Sure, down the line you may need additional help, but for the time being, the following basic tips should help you get started!

Build A User-Friendly Site

Before you even start with optimizing your website, you need to ensure that it’s completely user-friendly. Search engines rank websites not just using the keywords they select but based on the loading time and the overall usability of the site. For on-site SEO, this is the reason that many people recommend hiring professional web designers.

Don’t Clutter Your Website With Keywords

The moment business owners hear that chosen keywords can impact their search rankings, they start cluttering their websites with keywords. Having too many keywords on your site can make your site appear spammy and will serve as a red flag for search engines. Ultimately, you should have no more than five keywords at any given time, so make sure to choose them wisely.

Use Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

An ideal title tag is about 70 words or less, consisting of keywords as well as any name brands that highlight what your page is about. The title tags are always placed directly above the HTML coding.

The jury is still out on whether meta descriptions make a difference in search rankings, but it still doesn’t hurt to write them. These stories are meant to be a way to describe what your website is about as opposed to highlighting individual pages.

Create High-Quality Content

Content is a major factor in getting visitors to your website to stick around and come back for more. Search engines determine rankings based on popularity and your site will only receive incoming traffic if you post content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging.

You often hear the words quality and content in the same sentence, but what is considered to be of quality? Many website owners write professional blog posts regularly or create videos that teach visitors something new. Infographics and tutorials are also highly sought after and add even further interest to your pages.

Importance Of Off-Site Link Building

The more people that link to your website, the higher your pages rank in search results. Link building is an integral part of SEO basics, but you must be honest in your methods when looking to achieve results. Correct link building includes writing guest blog posts, asking businesses to connect to you, joining social media, and creating link worthy content.

Facebook and Twitter are good social media networks to join, but Google+ is even better for search results. It’s important to spread content online through different sources and refer visitors to your website. Hopefully, this article has helped you recognize the importance of SEO for your business.