What Is An SEO Press Release?

Press ReleaseWhen you hear someone talking about an SEO press release, it’s important to realize that the document itself is a standard press release. It needs to be formatted the same way as you would a current press release being sent to a local newspaper or being sent out on the newswire. The difference here is that the press release isn’t to get the attention of local news (although that’s a nice benefit if it does) but it is to be sent out in such a way as to help with SEO efforts for a website.

Your URL Must Be In The Body
For the widespread sharing of a press release to be useful for search engine optimization, the URL of the site must be in the body of the media release. Having contact information isn’t enough, especially since any website or press release distribution site online will publish the body – not the contact info.

Online Submission Is Critical
Online submission of your press release is what gets it spread around. There are press release services that will shoot it out to dozens or more websites specifically designed to accept press releases. These links in and of themselves don’t mean nearly as much as they used to, but in many situations, they still have some juice to pass on.

You Want Them Picked Up
The ideal situation is to write a good press release that is interesting enough, has a strong enough title, and can grab attention of some websites in your field or authority websites who pick up the press release and write a story based off of it or contact you to do an interview and write a story up. This is what leads to powerful links that can have an adamant ranking effect.

Still Worth A Shot
Using press releases for SEO isn’t the slam dunk strategy it used to be, but it’s worth one or two shots to bring in a variety of links and it only takes a couple of pick ups to get the authoritative links you need for a strong surge in the search engine rankings.