Las Vegas Art Galleries And Attractions To Visit

artImagine riding, not driving, down the strip in Las Vegas, getting to take in all the sights and sounds. Maybe you’ve had the pleasure, and you know how in your face Vegas is when it comes to the glitz and glamor. Of course, Las Vegas is a very cultured city, full of great art, not just in the museums either. There is art everywhere, even in the costumes the performers wear and the architectural design of many of the Vegas properties and attractions.

Where can you find the art in Las Vegas? Do you like photography? One of the places in Vegas to check out fine art and photography is Lik Caesar’s. The interior of the art gallery is very ornate, and one reviewer talks about it striking them with awe. It helps to know where these top art galleries and other places are located as you plan your route to visit each one. Vegas is a big city!

For example, Lik Caesar’s is on the east side of Vegas, while The Arts Factory is located downtown. This is a place where you can check out work from local artists, which is always fun when you’re trying to get an idea about the culture of a place you’re visiting. What better place to get a dose of the art culture than in Las Vegas.

If it’s fine art and paintings you crave, then you need to stop on by the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. According to one review, there is an Andy Warhol exhibit, and if you ask me, that’s enough for me to want to visit this gallery already. His paintings are very popular these days, and I once heard an expert mention that while some people’s pictures are going down in price in this economy, Andy Warhol’s paintings are always going up in price.

There are plenty of other places to get a real glimpse of great art in Vegas. To get another look at local artists, you can stop by Blackbird Studios, and for something a little different there is Kush Fine Art or the Artistic Armory. Are you a fan of graffiti art when it’s not part of criminal activities? There is the graffiti art gallery alley, and it’s located in downtown Las Vegas. That makes me think of something you would find in New Orleans, too. However, Vegas is one of a kind, and these are just some of the places where you can check out the art that Las Vegas has to offer.