local business searching on google

Although the leading international companies seem to be the ones who are always mentioned by the media, it is a small business which keeps a country’s economy moving. They employ far more people than big business, and any edge that they can get can result in a substantial increase in profits. One of the greatest things that have happened in the last two decades, and one which levels the playing field with big multinationals, is internet usage. Billions of people now access the internet on a daily basis, and to access them a website is required. It is important to set a site up correctly from the beginning, and this means getting the Google SEO right.

Despite a business website being an essential part of marketing, it is surprising that a large number do not have one. Thanks to competition in the hosting world, setting up a site is not only cheap, but it can also be done in less than an hour. Every host now has software to put a site together quickly, although the best solution is to use a content management system such as WordPress, as this allows a lot of flexibility. Regardless of whether or not a CMS is used, the site must have search engine optimization in mind from the very start.

The problem with SEO nowadays is that a lot of the information online is out of date. Google has launched some algorithms in recent years to ensure that the search results give people what they are looking for. A few years ago, internet marketers used numerous techniques to get their sites highly ranked. This often included getting as many backlinks as possible, as backlinking is the primary variable that Google uses to calculate the authority of a site. That kind of SEO is now frowned upon, and can result in a site being banned.

Even though the world of optimization has changed, the basics still stand. A search engine needs to be able to read a page on a site so that it can decide what keywords to rank it for. If it cannot do that, then the site owner will never be visible to the people it is targeting. This is a mistake made by many small businesses. The most basic SEO rules are to include the main keywords in the page title and mention it a couple of times in the article. The title and description tags in the code also need to contain the keyword, preferably at the beginning.

As mentioned earlier, backlinking is still critical when it comes to Google, but it must now be done properly. Backlinks should appear slowly over time, and include a mixture of keywords, associated words, naked URL’s, and calls to action. They also need to be both Dofollow and Nofollow links. By sticking to the rules mentioned in this article, a site can be launched online knowing full well that it adheres to Google’s terms and conditions, and that it will be ranked correctly.