speed-meterThere are over 200 different factors that go into how keywords are ranked, and are therefore part of search engine optimization (SEO). Mobile speed is an interesting issue because it reflects on two separate but both critical aspects of ranking high in Google and the other major search engines: average speed of site load and mobile friendliness.

The Ideal Situation
The ideal situation has you looking at a website that is both mobile friendly (responsively is best, but having mobile alternatives that load based on the device size works just about as well and avoids the infamous “non-mobile” penalty) and also loads very quickly. Great hosting is a major factor in ranking websites, and if a site has good hosting, then it is going to load up fast.

Most of the time even mediocre hosting will work well when someone has a high-functioning laptop with a rock solid connection. On the other hand, poor hosting comes through when you have a phone trying to grab some information off of a public Wi-Fi account. The Google mobile speed test tool is a way of making sure that you’re not just buying the hype but that you also are getting the performance.

Many Tools Available
The good news is that there are many different tools available to check the mobile loading speed and compatibility of your website. While Google doesn’t make their processes available in this particular matter, it is worth noting that they are going to have to test in the same way everyone else does: so any one of the available tools online is going to use the same basic process they do.

In addition to this information, they do give tools for helping people find out if they are mobile friendly or not and to work on that information to get more out of all their efforts.

Just a short list of the tools that help measure your site’s mobile friendliness and speed include:

– Google Webmaster Tools
– Web Hosting Hero & more

Some tools are paid, some are free, but there is no reason you can’t run tests on multiple platforms just to confirm what you are getting as information about your website’s mobile speed and how it is testing when the eyes of Google and other search engines are on it.

Try some independent vendors, then try tools Google gives you access to if you have a webmaster account and go on from there to get the results you want.

Find Yours
There are many different tools out there that proclaim their ability to measure accurately the mobile loading speed of your website as Google sees it, and can tell you which websites are doing well and which ones aren’t up to par. These are major factors when it comes to ranking via search engine optimization, so if the tests do show some potential slowness or conversion issues, it is critical to get those fixed to move up the rankings.